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From the first phone call to completion, Lone Star Metal Buildings is with you.

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Step 01

Order Your

When you place your order with either an online dealer or a local dealer in your area, your dealer will then send your order in to us at Lone Star Metal Buildings.

Step 02


Once your order arrives, one of our friendly order processing specialists will contact you to thank you for your purchase and to verify that everything is correct with your order and that your site is ready for install. This will usually occur within 7 business days of your purchase.

Step 03

Of Order

Once order processing has reviewed your invoice with you and confirmed that your site is ready for install, the order will then go into production with our shop. All units are custom-built-to-order to ensure that Lone Star Metal Buildings provides the perfect building to meet your individual needs!

Step 04


Once your unit is in the final stages of production, you’ll be contacted by a member of our scheduling team to set an install date; we usually try to provide about 2 weeks notice for this. The scheduler will once again review your order with you to make sure everything is correct and that you’re getting exactly what you want.

Step 05

Delivery &

Once the install date arrives, our professional installers will hand-load your building in the shop and then personally deliver it to your site for installation. A member of our staff will stay in contact with both you and the install team throughout the process to ensure that the install goes smoothly, and that everything is satisfactory to meet your needs.

About Us

Lone Star Metal Buildings has developed a global steel procurement network to supply quality carports & buildings at the lowest prices. We have built in-house engineering and customer service teams who can understand and manage the most challenging building designs and timelines. With our investment in the web & app technology, we have been able to minimize errors, rescheduling, and improved efficiency through a great process from start to finish.

For more versatile buildings including carports, garages, barns, and commercial structures, visit our partner Carport Central

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